Q. Who is Sharper Image Realty?

A. Sharper Image Realty is an experienced local “full service” discount real estate company, providing efficient and professional listing and sales programs. We are licensed by the Florida Real Estate Commission and are members of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), local Real Estate Boards, the Florida Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. We service Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties.

Q. How does Sharper Image Realty differ from other Real Estate Companies?

A. Your listing commission with Sharper Image Realty is only 1% of the sales price and you choose the sales commission to be offered to the buyer's broker. Most real estate companies charge a 6% commission...3% for the listing broker and 3% for the buyers broker. When you list with Sharper Image Realty you immediately save 2%!

Sharper Image Realty charges no transaction or processing fees! Most real estate companies will charge you, in addition to the commission, a "transaction" or "processing" fee of approximately $300 at closing!

Sharper Image Realty allows you to list with us and still sell yourself, without being obligated to pay real estate commission!

Sharper Image Realty allows you to cancel the listing at any time!

Q. What is the MLS?

A. The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a comprehensive computerized database of homes offered for sale, which is continually updated by the Realtor members. The MLS database is utilized by Realtors to market and promote their listings to other Realtors. The MLS is the most powerful marketing tool in the real estate industry today!

Q. What is the Website?

A. is the official internet site for the National Association of Realtors.’s listings are provided by the participating Multiple Listing Services throughout the United States. Listings that appear on the MLS will also appear on Buyers who are searching the internet for real estate information will be directed to Therefore, your listing and a photo of your property will be available to all of those prospective buyers. Your home will also be shown on other websites.

Q. How long does it take before my home is available for sale on the MLS?

A. Your home will be listed for sale in the MLS immediately upon entry of the property listing information by Sharper Image Realty.

Q. How do Realtors make arrangements to show my home?

A. Your contact information will be included in the MLS listing. Realtors will be contacting you directly to arrange an appointment for a showing at an acceptable time.

Q. Will you place a sign on my property?

A. We will install a professional sign on your property, if it is allowed by your community.

Q. Will a photograph of my home be provided in the listing?

A. We will arrange for a professional photographer to take a picture of your home. This picture will appear on the MLS and all related web-sites.

Q. Am I obligated to pay a real estate commission if I sell my home myself?

A. No! Under our program you retain the right to sell your home yourself, without the use of a Broker, in which case you pay NO Real Estate commission.

Q. Can a Buyer contact me directly after a Broker has shown my home to them?

A. Yes. But you will be obligated for the commission if they purchase your home.

Q. How is an offer on my property usually made by a Realtor?

A. The Buyer’s Realtor will submit a written offer to us on a real estate contract form. We will then forward the written contract form to you. We will review and consult with you on the offer and any counter- offers you desire to make. We will then negotiate the final terms of the actual contract with the Buyer’s Realtor, which will incorporate all offers and counter-offers agreed upon between the Buyer and you.

Q. What takes place after there is a fully executed contract?

A. The contract sets forth the time-frames and conditions for the Buyer to obtain financing, perform inspections and appraisals, obtain community approvals (if required), review association documents ( if any), and be ready to close on the transaction on or before the specified closing date specified in the contract. We will inform and assist you throughout this process concerning your rights, duties and obligations under the contract, while monitoring the progress of the Buyer. Please understand that we are not attorneys and cannot provide you with legal advice.

Q. What procedures are conducted by Sharper Image Realty to close the transaction?

A. We confirm with the settlement agent that a proposed closing date has been determined under the contract. We receive a preliminary closing statement from the settlement agent and provide you with a copy. We then review the preliminary closing statement with you to attempt to correct any errors that might appear at closing. The final Buyers “walk-through” date and time is coordinated with the selling Realtor. The transaction is closed through the settlement agent. The settlement agent is responsible for collecting and distributing the closing documents and most importantly, disbursing the closing funds due you.

Q. How and when is the real estate commission paid?

A. The real estate commission is funded by the settlement agent from the sales proceeds available at closing.

Q. What is your 2% Buyer Referral Program?

A. If Sharper Image Realty refers you a Buyer who purchases your home without the services of another Broker, only a 2% total commission will be due at closing.

Q. How are you able to charge these very low commissions and still provide full service?

A. By not having to pay for large decorated offices, multiple levels of management, numerous salaried employees, franchise fees, corporate parent overhead and administrative costs, and huge advertising budgets to solicit your business, we can greatly reduce the real estate commission charged to our clients.